My fellow ProEdians

Welcome to Hwa Chong and to the ProEd family!

Dear ProEd gentlemen,

There are many exciting and challenging experiences that await you in your six years in Hwa Chong Institution.

ProEd Consortium is privileged to be your guide and mentor for the first four years of your time in HCI. During this time, you will taste success as well as failure, privilege as well as privation, joy as well as tears. You will learn to be led, and then learn to lead others. You will learn to practice the principle of 修身、齐家、治国、平天下and you will grow holistically in the areas of 德, 智 ,体, 群, 美.

We hope that before you graduate, you will grow to love the principles by which Hwa Chong prides itself on, that自 强 不 息will be your motto in life, that己 立 立 人, 己 达 达 人will be your philosophy when working with others and, perhaps most importantly, that you will uphold the value of 饮 水 思 源and remember to serve your alma mater, HCI, when you have graduated and become a contributing member of society.

I wish you the very best in your journey and I look forward to the day when I can shake the hand of the scholar, leader and gentleman that you have become.

Warmest wishes,
Sung Kah Kee
Director / ProEd Consortium

Our belief

We stand poised at a turning point in history as we enter the new millennium with unprecedented challenges. Technology and intellectual capacity remain integral to overcoming these key challenges; thus, a strategic response in education must be effected, with an emphasis that is not only solely focused on academic achievement but also on developing, to the fullest capacity, the full spectrum of talents and abilities of every pupil.

The process-centred and value-oriented approach of our consortium allows it to equip every pupil with the necessary skills and values, thus empowering them to follow their unique talents and abilities wherever they may take them. We strive to equip our students with process skills above and beyond the content knowledge of the school syllabus, set in a traditionally rooted framework of a set of core values.

Thus, as our students traverse their challenges toward the storied stage of success our school strives for them, their journeys will both mould and define the gentlemen they grow to become. At ProEd, we seek to develop this journey.

The ProEd Credo

I will,
Conduct myself with appropriate decorum at all times,
Respect my own and others' right to learn,
Ensure a conducive study environment for everyone,
Be punctual for all engagements and assignments,
Participate actively and positively in the learning process,
Be responsible for my actions,
Respect property that belongs to me, others and the school,
Walk my talk.

Above and beyond the call of duty

Since its inauguration in 1999, the ProEd Council has tasked with providing the highest standards of student welfare to ProEdians.

A thorough selection process

Selection for the ProEd Council begins in March after the conclusion of the SOAC, but observation and application preceeds this date.

Applicants for the ProEd Council will be required to participate in the ProEd Leadership Camp, a combined camp for both the Council and the ProCMC organisations to analyse and enlist their next batch of leaders. Within the camp, potential leaders are placed in contexts that call for them to express their leadership capabilities through action and words, such as leading his group through an activity or organising his group for the day.


Organised Events
Secondary One Annual Camp ProEd Leadership Camp
ProEd Summer Retreat ProEd #YOLO
Hair for Hope ProEd Free Ice Cream Day

Supported Events
Secondary One Orientation High School Council Investiture
Combined Sports Meet Track and Field Finals
Projects' Day Grand Finals

A sense of purpose

The ProEd Council is involved in the organisation of intra-school and inter-school events, including the school's only student-run level-wide camp, the Secondary One Annual Camp, as well as ProEd's various initiatives and internal Council activities. The ProEd Council serves to invoke exciting and challenging working scenarios to groom its Councillors as Hwa Chong's most respected student leaders.

About us

ProEd Council is committed to nurturing student leaders who serve, care and inspire. 2016 marks our 16th year in service, and we remain steadfast in continuing the legacy of excellence our predecessors have trailed upon.

Our mission is to nurture servant leaders who are people-oriented communicators, effective problem-solvers, and above all, possess good character. To us, leadership goes beyond event organization and project management. In everything that we do, we endeavor to serve with dedication and create positive shared experiences for all members of our community to flourish in life. Some of the key events that we organise include: Secondary One Annual Camp, Hair for Hope @ HCI satellite event (in collaboration with Children’s Cancer Foundation), ProEd Leadership Camp, ProEd Free Ice-Cream Day, ProEdvolution Soccer League et cetera.

Through our actions and activities, as well as with mentoring from our seniors and teachers, ProEd Council strives to grow in resilience and wisdom to lead with pride and serve with compassion.


inter & intra

school events

Executive Committee

Chairman Wee Cohen 3A3
Vice-Chairman Tan Hai Yang 3O2
Head of Logistics Joel Ho Wei Ming 3O1
Head of Publications Tan Ding Xun 3I4
Head of Welfare Melton Tan 3A1

Secondary Three

Chew KenshinClarence Quek
Lau Guan JunLinus Chia Kaifeng
Ng Wei HengPang Yi Cheng
Pui Jiin Loong, DarrellSeah Zhi Cheng
Yan LiYaw Chur Zhe
Yeh Shih PerngYew Zhi Jie

Secondary Two

Cedric Chua Yu XuanChng Ming Cong Jerrell
Dan Ming ZhenEthan Lee Eu Shien
Ethan Lee Kai BinIsaac Low En Wei
John Pan ZhendaLeeyau Si Hearn
Li Junle TristenLim Zhu Wei
Lucas Chin Yee SengMao TianZe
Travis Dael Ng Shao Jie


To Be Confirmed

Diverse opportunities for

Leadership development

Excellence in


Above and beyond the call of duty

Since its inauguration in 1999, the ProEd Council has tasked with providing the highest standards of student welfare to ProEdians.

Key Appointment Holders

Sung Kah Kee

Director of Consortium

Wun Wen-li

Senior Consultant/ Student Development


Council Mentor

Form and Co-Form Teachers

Class Form Teacher Co-Form Teacher
1P1 Kalavati Ong Juin Han
1P2 Koh Rui Lin Josephine Phay
1P3 Lim Shu Peng Nada Nurwani
2P1 Kee Hooi Eng Kuek Sway Swee
2P2 Leong-Lim Chiew Hong Tan Choo Kee Joseph
2P3 Sukhdevi Kaur Grewal Huang Xiaoqian
3P1 Hemalatha Ang De Rong
3P2 Tan Guan Chye Lee Ying Chang
3P3 Yong Han Siong Shuan Han Zhongjian
4P1 Ng Ban Soak Nancy Tan Yao Heng, Joseph
4P2 Jaya Ranee Su Kim Whatt Steven
4P3 Lee Wai Chin Yeong-Loke Lai Fun


Siti Azimah
Tan Chee Wee

Our principle

We believe that the ProEd Parent's Support Group is an organisation created by parents, for parents.

The PSG aims to equip parents with the skills and knowledge to be effective parents and support the ProEd Consortium in its Positive Education initiatives (and hence establish strong relationships between teachers, students and parents)

Executive Committee

Josephine Phay
Siti Azimah
Tok Aik Lin
Tan Chee Wee
Chairman Navy Tan
Secretary Grace Ng
Karen Tay


Haidar Md Daud Ellen Pak
Chua Ping Hui Casuarina Peck
Eva Loh Sharon Tan
Wang Zhihua May Lim
Tan Wei Lee


Ong Guan Sin Kym Oh
Ruan Hongning James Ning
Ang Chiah Sin Tan Lai Nee
Ng Li Peng Zhang Jing
Sun Jing

Senior Parents

Too Meng Ken Winston Tan
Ann Tan Tay Gek Chiew
David Seah Fen Seah

ProEd Staff

Charles Low Wun Wen-li
Siti Azimah Huang Xiaoqian

Providing pillars of

Moral support

for our students